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Roy Torkington - Graphic Design

I have been a graphic design and digital media teacher at CIT for around five years. Before I came here, I worked as a graphic designer for a number of years, and was also a musician in a band, recording and touring.

Roy Torkington
Roy Torkington, Graphic Design

I actually originally did my study at CIT, and always retained some ties with some of the CIT teachers. I was lecturing at a university for a period of time, when a position became available at CIT.

Studying graphic design is great at CIT because it's a really hands-on course, and we are on the cutting edge of the latest technology. It's a great place to study if you want to stay current.

We also try and do as many real life assignments as we can throughout the course, with real world clients. So when students finish, they've not only had real experience and made industry contacts, but they also have a professional portfolio which will get them a long way in landing a job.