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Nicholas Lieneman - Graphic Design

I have been a Canberra-based illustrator, artist and graphic designer for 23 years. I work across a variety of mediums, from digital designs to painting, to graphite drawing.

Nicholas Lieneman
Nicholas Lieneman, Graphic Design

I take my inspiration from many places including nature, typography, fantasy, tattoo art and street art just to name a few. My passion for graffiti art, design and illustration is matched only by my passion for the wonders of nature and food, having worked as a chef for 13 years.

I wanted to broaden my horizons as a creative through further study in graphic design and digital media, and decided on CIT.

I had completed two courses at CIT and found them to be fulfilling and informative. These factors drove my decision to undertake the double Diploma in Graphic Design and Digital Media.

The two years I spent doing the course were challenging and in-depth. The course focused on putting students in real-life situations. I found the teachers to be both engaging and passionate about their craft.

I now have all the skills I need to market myself as an artist and designer and to produce high quality work within specified deadlines. I am currently using the skills I have attained to develop my own web page, produce my own video edits for clients and build a solid portfolio of digital illustration.

On top of this, I also have a solo exhibition in the coming year.

I am lucky enough to be able to say that illustration and graphic design are both my passion and my profession!