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Hazel Davies - Floristry

Floristry at CIT - Create, Design and Innovate!

Hazel Davies
Hazel Davies, Teacher Floristry

Hazel Davies has been a CIT floristry teacher since 1999 when she came to CIT from Sydney.

Hazel grew up with horticulture and floristry running in her bloodline. Her father, a horticulturist and a botanist, had a property in Wollongong where he propagated flowers, plants and food crops. He also ran a local business and marketed produce through the Sydney markets.  Hazel was introduced to the floristry industry from an early age. One of her earliest recollections is selling orchids and lemonade as a small child on the footpath outside home!

After operating her own floristry businesses in Sydney and a consultancy business which included being the florist for the Sydney Opera House, she bought a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes at CIT.

Hazel creates integrated assignments focusing on real client contact, original works and meaningful work experience.  She believes that taking skills learned in the classroom into industry not only enhances the learner's experience but also builds practical skills for their portfolio of work.

In collaboration with events such as Floriade, the Australian War Memorial, Goulburn Rose Show and others, Hazel has created some exciting opportunities for students to work with external stakeholders and gain practical experience.

One of the most popular demonstrations of CIT Floristry are the floral gowns at Floriade. Second year CIT floristry students showcase the range of skills they have acquired throughout their time at CIT, by designing a gown made out of flowers and foliage. The students all work really hard on this assignment with some stunning results, and it is always popular with visitors to Floriade.

Another inroad Hazel has made is to install arrangements and wreaths at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. Woven into the curriculum in a timely manner, the students learn the skill of wreath making and are able to create memorable pieces for the Australian War Memorial which are on display to the public.

The Goulburn Rose show is another excursion where students gain valuable experience in industry. This time working among other experienced florists and rose enthusiasts, they help create amazing displays for the event. They help showcase some rare and very special roses.  An education on presentation and rose varieties which many not otherwise be available in the wholesale flower industry.

Hazel is always busy. Recently she has been preparing for her PHD on Sturt's Desert Pea as a memorial flower for Aboriginal massacre.  She has even written a poem about it and is being asked to speak to communities all over Australia who are seeking to commemorate aboriginal deaths on their country during colonisation otherwise known as The Australian Frontier Wars.

A teaching career or a course at CIT can take you many interesting places!