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Alice Sutton - Fashion

One of the great things about studying at CIT for me has been the emphasis on sustainable design.

Alice Sutton
Alice Sutton, Graduate Fashion

We are encouraged to explore the possibilities of sustainable design including contemporary pattern making methods, connections to garments and material use.

I am creating garments that are sustainable through the process in which they are made. Starting with a concept and interpreting this into a zero waste pattern making method.

I have also looked at sourcing fabrics from Australia, and fabrics that are more sustainable such as wool and bamboo.

A zero waste philosophy, Selvedge to Selvedge pattern making system has been developed by myself and designer Amy Taylor. This system stops fabric being wasted in the pattern making process. This creates a more sustainable method for production.

I have been looking at how you can create connections to garments to represent a new direction for Australian fashion, with garments that are made in Australia with quality materials. The skilled teachers have made CIT a great learning platform for me to launch into the industry.