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CIT Cultural Traits

As part of Evolving Together - CIT Strategic Compass 2020, CIT introduced a set of cultural traits to continue to build a workforce with the highest integrity and deliver a positive environment for work and study now and into the future. These cultural traits are at the core of what we do every day:

Customer Centric - Everyone is a customer and I accept that my actions affect the customer experience.

Professional - I work with respect, integrity and expertise for our collective success.

Collaborative -We achieve our common goals and use less individual energy by working together.

Trusted - We are knowledgeable, reliable and honest. We work with integrity, transparency, fairness and respect and are supportive of each other.

Adaptable - I respond positively to change. I seek opportunities to continuously improve and grow my capability.

Accountable - I own my actions and take responsibility for the outcomes.

Inspirational - I motivate others to believe they can do it and inspire them to achieve.