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Skills Recognition via Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL

Skills Recognition at CIT is Credit Transfer (CT) or Recognition of Prior learning (RPL). For Credit Transfer go to

Which of my skills and experiences are relevant?

If you:

  • have undertaken previous study in the same or similar field (that is not eligible for Credit Transfer)
  • are currently working in the industry or similar
  • have worked in the past as above
  • are raising a family
  • are participating in social, recreational or educational activities
  • are involved in a hobby or are volunteering in your community;

You may have developed skills and knowledge that will count towards a qualification.

What is the RPL process for having my skills recognised?

  1. Identified the Course/Program and units of competency/subjects you would like to get recognition for you: this is done by having a conversation with the an assessor from the department that delivers the Course/Program you are interested in.
  2. Submit an application form
  3. Share your experience through a conversation with a subject specialist
  4. Showcase your skills through evidence such as documents that demonstrate previously completed work or projects, reports from your supervisor, portfolios or work samples you have produced in the workplace or evidence of your previous study
  5. You may be required to participate in a practical skills assessment, this could be in your workplace or CIT.
  6. Evidence will be assessed against all Units of Competency/Subject requirements.
  7. Your results will be processed and documentation of formal recognition is provided.

What does RPL cost?

If you are looking to have your work or life experience recognised you will be charged at the normal rate for each subject you apply for. These rates vary depending on which qualification you will be studying. To find the cost of each subject visit the course entry page for the course you are interested in applying for RPL in.

What do I do next?

  1. Identify the course/program or industry area for which you wish to apply for RPL
  2. Find out about the units of competency/subjects by completing one of the following:
    1. Lodge a RPL Expression of Interest Form so you can be contacted by the relevant Department who will assist you to identify the units of competency/subjects you can apply for
    2. Phone CIT Student Services on 02 6207 3188 to speak with a subject matter expert to discuss your Skills Recognition options. The subject matter expert will assist you to identify the units of competency/subjects for your application.
    3. You can also attend the Information/Enrolment Session of the course/program to ask for assistance. For session times check CIT website, or call CIT Student Services.
  3. When you have identified the units of competency/subjects, fill out the Skills Recognition RPL Form.
  4. Email completed application form to or visit any CIT Student Service location to submit application.
  5. Pay fees by the due date (payment plans are not available for Skills Recognition however concessions may apply).
  6. Provide and showcase your evidence when requested by CIT assessor

Skills Recognition Request for RPL Form (PDF 684Kb)