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Early Childhood Educators

In this role you will wear many hats:

  • Standard Setter: Understand and uphold the service expectations, ensuring your work sets the gold standard for our service.
  • Program Enthusiast: Dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of program and practice implementation.
  • Innovative Pioneer: Blaze new trails in early education by integrating contemporary, research-based practices to create exciting experiences for the children you work with.
  • Safety Trailblazer: Go above and beyond by not just meeting but exceeding safety standards, ensuring that each day is a thrilling adventure, free from harm.
Job Type:
Full-time; Part-time; Casual
$26 per hour - $31 per hour base rate.
Closing Date:
5:00pm 31 December 2024
Industry Area:
Children's Education and Care

Contact Chetan on 0428776371 or email