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Use of Motor Vehicles on Institute Business Policy

1. Purpose

To inform staff on the appropriate method of motor vehicle use for official Institute business purposes.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees of the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

3. Principles

3.1 Motor Vehicle Options

If staff are required to travel on official Institute business, and a motor vehicle has been chosen as the most cost effective form of travel as per the CIT Travel Policy, the following options are available:

  • use a CIT vehicle;
  • use Cab Charge vouchers;
  • use own private vehicle (owned or leased); or
  • hire a rental vehicle (This option is to be used for interstate travel only. Please see Travel Policy and Travel Procedures Manual for more information).

3.2 Use of own private vehicle or own privately leased vehicle

Where a staff member chooses to use his/her own private vehicle for official business purposes, prior approval must be granted by the Delegate.

A private vehicle authorised for official business use must carry comprehensive insurance cover. If a staff member chooses to use their own private vehicle for business purposes without the proper authority, they do so at their own risk and expense. The form for approval to use a private vehicle for official purposes is attached.

3.3 Comprehensive Motor Vehicle insurance for private vehicles

CIT does not provide or carry insurance on private motor vehicles used for official purposes. Staff should find out from their insurance company whether cover in excess of normal comprehensive insurance is required because of such use.

3.4 Motor Vehicle Allowance

If a private vehicle is approved for use for official business purposes, an allowance is payable for each kilometre travelled.  Exceptions may apply in the case of interstate travel, refer to principle 5 below. A Vehicle Running Sheet for Payment of Motor Vehicle Allowance to be used for claims is attached.

3.5 Motor Vehicle Allowance and Interstate travel

Where the use of the private vehicle relates to interstate travel, a Travel Approval Form must be submitted.  Further, the allowance payable is limited to the cost of the 'lowest logical fare' return flights as per the CIT Travel Procedures. Refer to the CIT Travel Policy and Travel Procedure Manual for further information.

3.6 The CIT will not accept responsibility for:

  • financial liability or loss through the operation of an "excess" clause or loss of "no-claim bonus" which may be incurred by officers involved in an accident, or as a result of theft;
  • an accident;
  • mechanical failure;
  • flat tyres;
  • theft of vehicle parts; or
  • any other similar costs.

4. Documentation

Authority Source

  1. Public Sector Management Standard 2006
  2. CIT General Staff Enterprise Agreement
  3. CIT Teachers Enterprise Agreement

Related Documents

  1. CIT Human Resources Delegations Manual 2008
  2. Travel Policy
  3. Travel Procedures Manual

Supporting Guide

  1. Application for Approval to use Private Motor Vehicle for Official Purposes
  2. Vehicle Running Sheet for Payment of Motor Vehicle Allowance

5. Definitions

CIT Vehicle - Is an A.C.T. government plated vehicle, a private plated, CIT owned vehicle or a CIT leased vehicle that has been authorised to be used for official business.

Interstate Travel - Is travel outside A.C.T. and immediate surrounding regions as defined within the CIT Travel Policy and Travel Procedures Manual.

6. Policy Contact Officer

Manager, Safety and Employment Relations.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email for further information.