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Higher Education - Professional Equivalency Policy

1. Purpose

To determine the equivalence of professional experience required of staff who are teaching in Canberra Institute of Technology's bachelor degree programs.

2. Scope

Staff who are teaching in Canberra Institute of Technology's higher education programs.

3. Principles

3.1 The Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015, clause 3.2.c states the required level of qualification required of those in a teaching or supervisory role in higher education

a qualification in a relevant discipline at least one level higher than is awarded for the course of study or equivalent relevant academic or professional or practice-based experience and expertise...

3.2 All teachers delivering CIT Bachelor degree programs, including those employed by third parties delivering on behalf of CIT must provide evidence of

3.2.1 Attainment of a qualification at AQF 8 or above


3.2.2 Equivalent relevant academic or professional or practice based experience and expertise, as outlined in the associated guidelines.

3.3 Evidence of attainment of the qualification or professional equivalency will be retained by the College. This evidence must retained in a form that can be presented to authorised external bodies, such as TEQSA, when required.

4. Documentation

Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015.

5. Definitions

All terminology used in this policy is consistent with definitions in the CIT Definitions of Terms.

6. Policy Contact Officer

For more information about this policy contact Director, Education Services.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email

7. Procedures

This policy is implemented through the application of the Guidelines to Determine the Equivalence of Professional Experience to AQF8 (Higher Education). Authority to approve changes to the guidelines rests with the policy owner.

Policy No: 2017/1441
Approved: January 2019
Next Review: November 2023
Category: Staff Policies, Training Policies
Policy Owner: Executive Director, Education and Training Services

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