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Higher Education - Assessment Policy

1. Purpose

To ensure that assessment of students undertaking higher education at CIT is consistent with high quality teaching and learning practices, national policy and the specific requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015.

2. Scope

This policy covers the assessment of subjects in any CIT higher education program.

3. Principles

3.1 CIT is committed to providing high standards of teaching and assessment to ensure the best possible outcome for all students.

3.2 Assessment of higher education programs will be consistent with the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 requirements.

3.3 All assessment will be conducted by appropriately qualified teachers who have either attained a qualification in a relevant discipline at least one level higher than is awarded for the course of study, or equivalent relevant academic or professional or practice-based experience and expertise.

3.4 All graded assessment will be determined at the time of program development.

3.5 Students will be provided with clear assessment information in the Subject Guide within two weeks of the students commencing the subject.

3.6 Students may request an extension to complete an assessment task as per the conditions in the Assessment Procedures.

3.7 Students will receive assessment results and feedback within two weeks of handing in assessment.

3.8 Students have the right to appeal an assessment result in line with the Academic Appeals Policy.

3.9 Students who have identified as having a disability and are registered with the CIT Student Services Disability Education Advisors have the right to seek reasonable adjustments of assessment tasks. They may be awarded a modified grade on the recommendation of a Disability Education Advisor. A modified grade is set to a 'fail' on the student administration system and does not count towards qualification completion requirements. This is in line with the Disability-Provisions for Students Policy.

3.10 CIT will maintain quality assurance processes and moderate all assessments in line with the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework.

3.11 All student assessment items and records will be kept in accordance with all relevant legislation and policies as listed below.

4. Documentation

Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015

Territory Records (Records Disposal Schedule – Tertiary Student Management Record)

Student Information Guide

CIT policies available on website

Academic Appeals Policy

CIT Records Management Policy

Disability - Provisions for Students Policy

Professional Equivalency (Higher Education) Policy

Additional CIT guidelines/procedures

Guidelines to Determine the Equivalence of Professional Experience to AQF8 (Higher Education)

Moderation Procedures for Higher Programs at CIT

5. Definitions

All terminology used in this policy is consistent with definitions in the CIT Definitions of Terms.

6. Policy Contact Officer

Director, Education Services.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email for further information.

7. Procedures

This policy is implemented through the associated procedures. Authority to make changes to the procedures rests with the policy owner.

Policy No: 2017/2013
Approved: October 2017
Next Review: November 2021
Category: Student Policies, Training Policies
Policy Owner: Executive Director, Education and Training Services

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