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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Policy

1. Purpose

To ensure that the operation and maintenance of Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) at CIT is in accordance with the ACT Government Code of Practice for Closed Circuit Television Systems (the Code).

2. Scope

All staff involved in the decision making process for installation and of a new CCTV System as well as the operation of those systems once in place.

3. Principles

3.1 CIT uses the CCTV system to:

  1. act as a deterrent to vandalism or any other criminal activity on CIT campuses
  2. provide police and regulatory agencies with evidence for use in criminal and civil actions in the courts as required by law
  3. improve security for the protection and/ or recovery of CIT assets and infrastructure
  4. assist in other emergency situations where possible.

3.2 The CIT Chief Executive Officer is responsible and accountable for the operation of CIT CCTV systems unless that role has been delegated to an appropriate Senior Executive or the Manager of Facilities. Their responsibilities are outlined in the ACT Government Code of Practice for Closed Circuit Television Systems.

3.3 All data collected using this system, including images, will be managed in accordance with the provisions of the Territories Records Act 2002 and the Information Privacy Act 2014 and relevant CIT policies.

3.4 All CCTV camera installations will comply with requirements in the Information Privacy Act 2014, Human Rights Act 2004 and the Public Sector Management Act 1994. Cameras will not be installed in private areas.

3.5 Recorded images will be kept for a maximum of one calendar month.

4. Documentation

5. Definitions

All terminology used in this policy is consistent with definitions in the CIT Definitions of Terms.

6. Policy Contact Officer

Facilities Manager, CIT Facilities.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email for further information.