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My Progress report

This report allows you to view your progress in your current program of study while also allowing you to check if any of your previously completed subjects, (with positive grades), will count as credit towards a different program of study.

To access this report, follow the below steps:

  • Log into CIT Self Service using your CIT number and 6 digit date of birth or if you've created your Microsoft365 account, you will use that password.
  • Click on the Student Menu button, then Academic Records.
  • Click on My Progress and select the program you wish to check, then click Submit.

If you are currently enrolled in a subject this will show as being 'In progress'. If you are looking at enrolling into a new program the report will indicate whether any previously studied subjects will be granted an 'Auto CT' when you are admitted to the new program or whether a 'Manual CT' is required.

If a manual CT is required you will need to complete the CIT Credit Transfer form. This form can be located on the CIT website here.