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Computer Laboratories

Computer laboratories are available for use by all CIT students. Each of the computer laboratories is monitored, some by closed circuit cameras, 24 hours a day.

The following rules ensure that the laboratories are in full operation for all students.

  • You must carry your CITCard for identification and access when using 24 hour computer laboratories.
  • You must exercise due care when operating equipment and follow the correct safe operating procedures.
  • All software on the system is copy protected. You may copy software only when specifically asked to do so as part of your course. Any breach of copyright is regarded as a serious offence and may result in your exclusion from CIT.
  • If there are spare computers available in a laboratory while a class is being conducted, it is customary for students to be able to access these. The agreement is that these students will make no demands on the teacher and use printers minimally.
  • Paper dust is a major factor in the failure of printing equipment. Please keep the area near printers tidy at all times. Paper recycling bins are provided for your used and unwanted paper.