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Awards Information

When you complete your qualification, you should receive your *CIT Testamur (for you to frame and hang on the wall) and/or your **Record of Results (listing the subjects you studied and your results) in the mail within six weeks of your teacher entering the final pass result for your last subject.

If you do not receive your CIT Testamur and/or Record of Results within six weeks of completion, please contact your CIT teacher, or email with your name, your CIT ID number and the name and course code of the course in which you were enrolled. Some of the possible reasons for the delay are listed below and you can check these by logging on to CIT Self Service.

Check that your address is correct; if your address is not correct update it immediately via CIT Self Service. If your qualification has already been posted there will be a charge to have it reissued.

Check your unofficial transcript via CIT Self Service to see if all your results have been entered. If your transcript shows that you have been unsuccessful in a subject/s and you don't think that the result is correct or there are results missing contact your teacher directly or email so that this issue can be resolved.

Check whether you have a hold on your record (a hold on your record will prevent any academic paperwork from being released). If you do have a hold on your record call CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 to resolve this issue. Don't forget to email after your hold has been lifted so that your qualification can be issued.

* Certificate I - IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma qualifications - students graduating from these qualifications will be eligible for both a CIT Testamur and a Record of Results.

** For short courses or partial completion of one of the qualifications listed above – students will be issued with a Record of Results only (no CIT Testamur).

ACT Year 12 Certificate course

The ACT Year 12 Certificate is awarded by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies. For more information on this Certificate visit or talk to the CIT Year 12 staff.

Apprentices and Trainees

Apprentices/trainees must have their on-the-job competencies validated and signed off by both their CIT teacher and employer. For further details contact CIT Apprenticeship Officer on (02) 6207 7823.