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Ready Skills

CIT uses an electronic tool called 'Ready Skills' to support the learning of apprentices and trainees.

My Profiling changed it's name to Ready Skills in May 2021 because of a brand update by the developer.

Ready Skills has two main functions:

  • Training Plan
    Ready Skills holds the apprentice/trainees training plan which outlines the units of competency that the apprentice/trainee will complete throughout their study.
  • Profiling
    Ready Skills is also used to gather evidence of apprentice and trainee activity in the workplace as a requirement of an apprenticeship or traineeship, just like the old Training Records Books.

Accessing Ready Skills

Login details are sent electronically from to the email address entered on the training contract. This occurs when CIT receives notification that the training contract has been approved.

Ready Skills can be accessed through the Ready Skills app (Apple or Android) or web browser (

User guides and support

Ready Skills Student and Employer Guides, YouTube videos to complete entries and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available below.

User guides and training videos are also available when you log into Ready Skills via the web browser; these are located under the 'Help' tab.

CIT staff are available to provide further support to employers, apprentices and trainees. To request support, please email and a CIT representative will contact you to arrange the required support.

Apprentices and trainees using Ready Skills

Apprentices and trainees may be required to use Ready Skills to gather evidence of the activities completed in the workplace to support the requirements of their apprenticeship or traineeship.

Workplace activities are recorded daily and submitted to your supervisor for approval on a weekly basis.

Employer's using Ready Skills

Employer's will be required to use Ready Skills to:

  1. Verify apprentice/trainee Weekly on-the-job activity
  2. Support your apprentice/trainee's ability to undertake activities in the workplace, Ready Skills refers to this as 'employer support'.

Employers can monitor the progress of their apprentice or trainee against the units of competency required to achieve the qualification by viewing the apprentice's training plan on Ready Skills. Employers may also use Ready Skills for information on tasks/activities their apprentice or trainee may require further experience in to complete their units of competency.

To add additional supervisors, please email


Frequently asked questions

  • Why is Profiling important?
    • A critical aspect of an Australian Apprenticeship is recording workplace activities. CIT is required to ensure that workplace activities are being logged by apprentices and trainees and approved by the employer. Profiling is used as supplementary evidence to the training and assessment conducted by CIT.
  • What happens if I don't have access to the internet?
    • The Ready Skills app does not require use of the internet to for you to log your weekly entries. The internet is only required when submitting your entries at the end of each week. CIT has free Wi-Fi for all CIT students and encourages student to utilise the Wi-Fi when attending CIT to submit their Ready Skills entries.
  • What happens if I don't have room on my phone for the App?
    • If you are unable to make room on your phone to download the Ready Skills app, then you will need to use the internet browser for Ready Skills.
  • Is it better to use the App or Internet browser?
    • The app is designed to be a quick and easy way to add entries and request approval. The app also does not use data or require Wi-Fi for you to log your weekly activities.
    • The internet browser has additional features that allow you to track your progress and view your profiling history. To experience the full benefits of Ready Skills it is recommended that you login through the internet browser periodically to:
      1. track your progress
      2. check if your profiling entries are being approved by your employer
      3. amend and resubmit entries that have been denied by your employer
  • What do I do when I'm not working or studying?
    • Ready Skills has a 'Leave/Off Job Activity' category where you can log days or weeks when you are not at work or training. You can log if you are on Annual Leave, if there is a Public Holiday or if you are sick.
  • What do I do if my employer doesn't know how to use this system?
    • The Canberra Institute of Technology has designated officers that can provide support to students and employers to use Ready Skills. Please email to request support.
  • How many tasks do I have to enter?
    • There are no restrictions to how many tasks you can enter in Ready Skills. It is important that you enter at least one (1) task for each day, however to ensure accuracy in recording the activities you are undertaking in the workplace it will be beneficial for you to enter a task for each job undertaken throughout your work day (meaning you will enter multiple tasks for the same day).
  • Do I have to enter tasks every day?
    • It is recommended to enter at least one (1) task for each day of the week as this will ensure accuracy in recording the activities you are undertaking in the workplace. You can, however, enter more than one (1) task per day depending on the nature of the work you are completing.
    • For example: If you are working on multiple job sites throughout the day, it is recommended that you complete a task in Ready Skills for each job site to show the activities completed at each site, even if some of the activities are the same.
  • What happens if I don't have time to do this?
    • Profiling is used as supplementary evidence to your training and assessment at CIT and is a requirement of every Australian Apprenticeship. If your profiling is not completed, it may impact on the progression of your Australian Apprenticeship and completing your qualification.
  • How do you upload photos?
    • Ready Skills app - press on the activity and hold until a pop up box appears that will prompt you to go to your 'library' or your 'camera'.
    • Internet Browser - Click on the activity and hold until a pop box appears that will allow you to 'browse' your computer to upload a picture.
  • How do I change my password?
    • Ready Skills app - On the home screen of the app, select the 'Details' icon. This screen will also allow you to update your personal details, such as your email address.
    • Internet Browser - At the top of your web page is a black bar with several headings, click on the 'My Details' heading and select the record. This screen will also allow you to update your personal details, such as your email address and contact numbers.
  • I've lost my login details, how can I find out what they are?
    • Email and request a password reset for your account. CIT will reset your password which will trigger an email from Ready Skills which will include your username and new password. You can change your password once you have successfully logged into Ready Skills.
  • Can I add an additional supervisor?
    • Yes - please email with your supervisors name, email address and contact number. CIT will contact your employer to confirm these details before adding the supervisor to your record.
  • What do I do if I can't find an activity?
    • The Ready Skills app has a search function which allows you to enter the activity you are undertaking. To search, type a key word relating to the activity, the app will search all of the activities available and return a list with all activity that include the key word entered.
  • What if I still can't find an activity after I have searched for it?
    • All of the activities in Ready Skills have been matched to the skills required as part of the subjects shown on your training plan. In most cases, if an activity does not appear, it is because the activity is not linked to the subjects you are studying at CIT.
    • It is recommended that you discuss these activities with your teacher during class as they will be able to advise if the activity is not part of your studies or they can direct you to the category where the activity may be located in Ready Skills.
  • How will I know if one of my Ready Skills entries is denied by my supervisor?
    • You will receive an email from Ready Skills with the subject 'Edit request for Ready Skills'. This email will also include the reason the entry was denied.
    • To amend and resubmit a denied entry you will need to log into the browser at and select 'Profiling History' from the '+Profiling' drop down. This page will show which week/s have been denied by showing a 'X' against the week/s, you need to click on the applicable week/s and select 'Edit'.

If you have any feedback, questions or require assistance, please email the CIT Ready Skills team: