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CIT Fit & Well Fitness Centre


2019/2020 Holiday Hours

The CIT Fit & Well Fitness Centre has reopened for the year. Opening hours below.

  • CIT Classes commence Monday 20 January 2020

Graduate with multiple qualifications in the same time!

Interested in a career in fitness or massage but can't design which path to take?

With CIT you can get both a fitness and massage therapy qualification in the same amount of time. Give yourself the edge with real professional experience, training in CIT's commercial gym and student massage clinic.

CIT Fit & Well is open to the public - anyone can join! You don't need to be a CIT student or staff member to take advantage of this great fitness centre.

With loads of modern fitness equipment, a brand new functional training area as well as group exercise classes and personal training, there is something to suit everyone.

CIT Fit & Well is an authentic learning environment for fitness, sport and health students.

Facilities and Equipment

CIT Fit & Well has a large number of exercise machines and equipment including:

  • a large variety of weight training and cardiovascular equipment
  • a functional training area and equipment
  • fitness classes
  • personal training

CIT Fit & Well staff can develop a fitness program designed to suit your needs.

Group Exercise Classes

CIT Fit & Well delivers low-to-moderate intensity exercise programs: Heart Health, Osteocise, Functional Fitness, Lungs in Action, Functional Mobility and Yoga.

Other services include the Fit & Well Student Personal Training Program; Student Massage Clinic and Student Allied Health Clinic.


Joining is easy! Download our Membership Form (PDF 135Kb) and Pre-Screening Form (PDF 533Kb), or pick one up from CIT Fit & Well gym. Drop in today and discuss your membership options with our friendly staff!

Corporate groups are welcome to join with concessions applying for groups of 15 or more.

  • General Public Membership
    • 12 month early year $418
      12 month $462
      6 month $330
      3 month $192.50
      1 month $80.30
  • General Student Membership
    • Current Student ID required
      12 month $285
      6 month $180
      3 month $110
      1 month $45
  • Trials and Casual Visit
    • Trail visit $10
      Casual visit $15
      Non CIT 10 visit pass $135
      CIT Student or Staff 10 visit pass $130
  • CIT Staff Membership
    • Current CIT Staff ID required
      12 month early year $280
      12 month $299
      6 month $180
      3 month $110
      1 month $45
  • CIT Student Membership
    • Current CIT Student ID required
      12 month $250
      6 month $175
      3 month $110
      1 month $45
  • HEAL Program (off Peak 8-2pm) *conditions apply
    • Health, Exercise & Lifestyle Programs - Heart Health, Osteocise, Lungs in Action,Yoga, Functional Fitness, Functional Mobility and Community Programs. *Must participate in the HEAL classes (Heart Health, Osteocise and Lungs in Action) to obtain HEAL membership and access to the Fitness Centre between 8:00am-2:00pm
      12 month early year $280.50
      12 month $313.50
      6 month $176
      3 month $104.50
      1 month $38.50
      Casual $6
      10 visit pass $50
  • Special Population Annual *conditions apply
    • *Disability Support Pension card and medical clearance required
      12 month $250
  • CIT Fit & Well Student Massage Clinic
    • 60 minute general public massage $40
      CIT Student $30
      CIT Staff $35
      60 minute general student massage 35
  • ACT Public Service Corporate
    • Please refer to the ACT Government Shared Services website, or contact CIT Fit & Well for pricing.

*Must be over 18 years of age unless accompanied be a guardian.

  • Early Year General Public and HEAL Special - Membership available until 31st January 2020)
  • Student Personal training $45 (conditions apply) Must hold a 3, 6 or 12month CIT Fit & Well membership, no medical conditions.
  • Fitness Assessment and Program $65

Opening Hours

CIT Fit & Well is open 7 days a week.