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CITCard for students

What is a CITCard?

The CITCard is your student identity card. It displays your:

  • full name
  • CIT number
  • CITCard valid date
  • colour photograph
  • student status as either FT (full-time) or PT (part-time)
  • travel concessions to entitled students
  • library barcode
  • date of birth (optional)

The CITCard is required to:

  • verify your identity while on any CIT campus
  • access resources including electronic resources
  • utilise user-pay services such as photocopying
  • gain access to secure areas (i.e. computing labs and special purpose rooms, 24 hour computer labs)

How do I get my student CITCard?

CITCards are provided through CIT Student Services on any campus. Alternatively you can apply for a CITCard online using the CITCard Application Form.

You MUST have paid your fees in full or be on a payment plan and have made the first payment AND

You MUST bring in one or more of the following original identification documents to have your identity validated:

  • Driver's Licence
  • Government Proof of Age Card
  • International travel documentation (passport, diplomatic document or international driver's licence).


Three of the following identification documents (originals or a certified true copy):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medicare Card
  • Public Library Card
  • Bank or Financial Institution Card
  • Electricity or Rates notice account
  • Centrelink Card
  • Department Store Credit Card (eg DJ's, Myers)

How do I get my NSW travel concession hologram?

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, studying full-time and reside in NSW, you may be eligible for a NSW travel concession. To apply you will need to complete an Application for NSW Tertiary Student Concession Form and present it to CIT Student Services, which are located on every CIT campus. Information regarding the NSW Tertiary Student Concession Entitlement Card can be found at Transport NSW.

ACT residents and international students are ineligible to obtain this travel concession. For ACT Action bus travel concessions, go to Access Canberra and complete a MyWay application form.

Re-Enrolling /Continuing Students

Do you need a new card?

This will depend on the expiry date on your current CITCard. CITCards are usually issued with an expiry date of March the following year. Check the expiry date on your card and see CIT Student Services if your card is about to expire.

Replacement CITCards

If you lose your CITCard you will have to pay a card replacement fee of $15 before you will be issued with a new card. Do not throw away your card if you leave CIT or complete your studies. You must return your CITCard to the CIT Student Services on any campus.