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Plumbing Apprenticeships

With a qualification in plumbing from CIT, you'll be set for life.

Plumbing apprentices can pursue the best of both worlds - learn while you earn as an apprentice with access to all the latest skills, knowledge and training techniques, and the perfect pathway to an in-demand career. You could even eventually start your own business.

Our courses in plumbing are industry-applauded and delivered by teachers with expert knowledge, helping you to further your career, upgrade your skills or get your career started. So if you have a pipe dream to work as a plumber, let us help you get there!

For more information view our plumbing courses.

Resources Required

Tape measure, Laptop or Netbook computer, Workplace diary, calculator, pens, pencils (HB & 2H), A4 exercise book, fine point marking pen, A3 drawing board, drawing compass, 60ox30o set square, 45o set square, scale rule (Kent 62M recommended).