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How do I employ an apprentice?

Step one: Contact one of the three Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANP) for the ACT region:

The ANPs can support you to:

  • find an apprentice or trainee,
  • select the right person and the appropriate apprenticeship/traineeship qualification for your business,
  • navigate through the sign-up process.

Alternatively, you may find yourself an apprentice or trainee through these other avenues:

  • Employing someone you know or who has been recommended.
  • Getting in touch with CIT. Some students undertake pre-vocational courses in trade areas so already have some skills and have shown their commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Taking on someone who already works for your organisation. Apprenticeships and traineeships are available for existing workers and workers of all ages, and a mature aged apprentice will bring a unique skill set to your business.
  • Contacting your local Group Training Company.
  • Contacting a Job Services Australia provider.
  • Advertising in a newspaper or on noticeboards.
  • Advertising on the Indigenous Employment Service website.

Step two: Work with your Apprenticeship Network Provider to complete the sign-up paperwork.

Step three: Work with CIT to put together a training plan for your apprentice. CIT trains over 2700 apprentices each year and has extensive experience in working with employers.

Step four: Start training your apprentice! Your apprentice will come into your workplace and learn your business and the skills required to work in it. CIT will support this with practical and theoretical training off the job to ensure your apprentice has the right skills for your business.