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What does it cost to employ an apprentice?

Apprentices are usually paid a training wage or an apprentice wage under an award or enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA). The exact rate of pay varies according to the number of years of school completed, number of years of training, the type of apprenticeship and the industry or occupation.

To offset these costs there are a number of incentives provided by the Australian Government to encourage employers to take on and retain Australian Apprentices.

Incentives include a standard $4000 payment to employers (delivered partially at the beginning and partially at the end of the training period), as well as extra incentives for employers ranging from $750 to $1800 for being in a rural or drought affected area, for employing a mature aged apprentice, an apprentice still at school, or an apprentice with a disability, for recommencing an apprentice who had previously withdrawn from training and for several other reasons.

A full list of incentives for both employer and apprentice are available on the Australian Apprenticeships website.