How to Apply/Enrol

International students must apply and enrol by contacting ISU or their pastoral care officer.

Getting into a CIT course is a two-step process.


First apply for a course.


Your application must then be confirmed by you or accepted by CIT to continue.


Second enrol by selecting subjects using Class reference numbers or Block codes.


New CIT students will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI), this must be verified once by CIT.


You have not confirmed a place in a CIT course until you have enrolled.

How to find Courses on offer and Information & Enrolment sessions

Check the Courses on Offer booklet. This will tell you what courses are available for the semester and course Information and Enrolment session details. If you attend an Information and Enrolment session staff will let you know timetable information and CRNs or Block Codes for enrolling online.

If your course is not listed contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or

What is the difference between applying and enrolling?

After you have decided what course/s you are want to study the next step is to create an application.

Applying means you are asking to be accepted into a course. Each qualification level is a new course. E.g. Certificate 3 in Fitness.

As you progress through levels you will need to complete an application for each different qualification level such as Certificate 3 - Certificate 4 - Diploma - Advanced Diploma.

Completing an application does not guarantee you a place in the course you have chosen; you have only completed an application. Your place is guaranteed when you enrol into subjects.

Enrolling means that you are committing yourself to study by selecting classes and you will need to pay the associated fees.

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What is an Application Type?

An Application Type is a trigger which determines available courses and correct fees. The fees are calculated on enrolment as they are determined by the subjects you choose.

When you apply online you will be asked to select an application type.

Application types are displayed on the course webpage under the ENTRY/APPLY tab.

NOTE: Where courses are offered with both application types PUBLIC and APPRENTICE/TRAINEE, you should only use APPRENTICE/TRAINEE if you are registered with the Australian Apprenticeships Centre and are employed in the industry.



Application Type 1

Public, Private & Skills Training:

  • Applicants must CONFIRM their application online before enrolling into subjects.



Application Type 1

Bachelor, Nursing & Apprentice/Trainee:

  • Applicants will be contacted by CIT after their application has been submitted
  • Successful applicants will receive details on how to enrol into subjects.
  • Apprentice/Trainee
    If you are entering this program as a Trainee/Apprentice under the Australian Apprenticeships arrangements, you must be employed in the industry and you must register with an Apprentice Network Provider (ANP) prior to enrolment.

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How do I apply?

You can apply online or by hard copy, the application process differs for people who are brand new to CIT. If applying online you will need the application type for the course you are interested in.

  • Only Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents can apply & enrol online.
  • If you can't remember your CIT ID do not create a new CIT number, contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or
  • If you have previously studied at CIT you already have a CIT identification number.
  • International Students cannot enrol online and must APPLY & ENROL via International Student Unit (ISU).

EXISTING CIT STUDENTS - How to apply instructions

i. Login to CIT self-service
ii. Click on the text 'I want to apply for a new course and/or enrol into classes'
iii. Click on Applications,
iv. Click NEW to create an application for a new course under Applications in Progress
v. Then go to step C below.

NEW CIT STUDENT- How to apply instructions:

a) Click the APPLY NOW button on the webpage of the course you are interested in
b) Scroll to the bottom of the page and create a temporary login ID and PIN to start an application
c) Select the APPLICATION TYPE that was displayed on the course webpage under the ENTRY/APPLY tab
TIP: Most courses are either PUBLIC or PRIVATE. Skills Training is for very short courses.
d) Select the semester you wish to apply for.
e) Enter your legal name - this must match your Unique Student Identifier (USI)
f) Click Fill out Application.
g) Click on Planned course of study
h) Click on the menu to see all the courses/programs listed by the chosen application type.
i) Click on the course name to select it.
j) Fill out your residential address and phone number.
k) Fill out you mobile number and, if you have one enter your mailing address.
l) Select your citizenship status and enter your email address.
You must be and Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
m) Click SUBMIT APPLICATION when your checklist shows 4 green ticks. For application types PUBLIC, PRIVATE or SKILLS TRAINING click the link as you still need to confirm your application (go to step n)
For application types Australian Apprentice, Bachelor or Nursing; read your letter and wait for CIT to contact you with further information. Do not create another application. Click EXIT.
n) Scroll down to Processed Applications and click on the course/program title you wish to confirm.
o) Check the details of your Application Summary. Click CONFRIM.
p) Check the application status. Click Email my details for your reference.

  • You are now ready to enrol into subjects and secure a place in your chosen course/program of study.
  • First time users will need to login securely with their CIT number and password, remember to enter the letters CIT.
  • You will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to enrol. Your USI will need to be verified once while at CIT.

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How do I enrol?

You can enrol into classes online for most courses. To enrol you will need:

  • Unique Student Identifier (USI) this needs to be verified once while studying at CIT.
  • Class Reference Numbers (CRN’s) and /or Block Codes. These can be found on the course webpage by clicking on the TIMETABLE button or on timetables handed out at Information & Enrolment sessions.

International students must enrol by contacting their Pastoral care officer. If any International student enrols using CIT self-service their enrolment will be invalid.

Enrol online instructions:

1. Login to CIT self-service using your CIT number and password. Remember to enter the letters CIT.
2. Click the text 'I want to apply for a new course and/or enrol into classes'
3. Click on Enrolments
4. Update the next two screens of AVETMISS national reporting data. Continuing students should find most data pre-filled. Go to step 6
5. New CIT students will need to verify their USI here. This step must be completed to continue.
6. Click Accept Conditions after reading the Terms & conditions of enrolment.
7. Click Add/Drop classes
8. Select the semester you will be enrolling into, then click submit.
9. Select the course/program for the subjects you wish to enrol into.
10. Scroll down to the Add Classes Worksheet.
Enter 1 x CRN box. TAB or click into the next box to enter multiple CRNs.
Select a BLOCK CODE from the Block Code drop down menu.
11. Click SUBMIT CLASSES to check your class selection.
12. You may be asked to enter a Start date for online or flexible delivery classes.
13. Read the screen pop-up message and proceed to check your classes.
14. The subject title should appear against the name of the course, if these are correct click FINISH.
15. You are now enrolled into classes.
From here you can see your account information and link to your invoice.

How do I get a USI?

USI stands for Unique Student Identifier. Commencing on January 1st 2015 it is a federal Government requirement that all students studying nationally accredited training must have a USI.

For more information including a link to the USI website click here.

How do I get CRNs & Block Codes and what are they?

CRNs are Class Reference Numbers. These are used to identify your subjects and you will need them to enrol. A Block Code is a code that groups several CRNs together. Using a Block Code will enrol you into more than one CRN.

You can find CRNs and/or Block Codes either on the timetable on the course webpage, or a teacher will give them to you in class or at an information session.

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How do I find my invoice?

Your current invoice/s can always be found through CIT self-service by clicking My Account. You can also see your Account Summary by semester.

Alternatively you can get a copy of your invoice from CIT student services at any campus.

If you enrol online you will be directed to My Account and invoices straight away.

Invoices & Fee Payment Options

A PDF of your current invoice/s can be found through CIT self-service under My Account.

There are several fee payment options and some of these relate to the qualification you are studying, however all payment decisions must be actioned before the invoice due date, click on the links for more information.


Details of how to make payments are always on the bottom of your invoice, options include paying in person at CIT Student services, POST billpay & Access Canberra. Online payments are Bpay, Access Canberra and there is also a link to Access Canberra (formerly Canberra Connect) from CIT self-service.


You can make changes to your enrolment or withdraw from classes without penalty providing changes are done before the due date of the invoice. If you make any changes after the invoice due date you are liable for the original fees.

IMPORTANT - Check your account and have any concession applied BEFORE the due date and BEFORE any payment is made.

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Fee Concessions

Students with a valid concession can receive a 50% reduction on most course tuition fees and recognition fees. This does not include material fees. In most cases the easiest way to do this is bring proof of your concession to a CIT Student Service Shopfront.

Fee Concessions must be applied to your account BEFORE any payment and BEFORE the invoice due date.

If you wish to apply for VET FEE-HELP (VFH) you should do this BEFORE you apply for a concession.

What do I need to do after I have enrolled?

Once you have enrolled you will need to do the following:

  • Obtain a valid CIT card.
  • Pay your invoice for course fees and charges, this must be done BEFORE the invoice due date.
    Note: You can withdraw from classes or change your enrolment without penalty before the invoice due date. However if you make changes after the invoice due date you are liable for the original fees.

Click here for more detailed information on what to do once you've enrolled (454.6Kb).

CIT cards

There is no extra charge for CIT cards as long as you have paid your fees.

CIT cards display your name, CIT number, study load of FULL TIME or PART TIME and date of validity.

How to get a CIT card

If you are attending CIT in person, your photo will be taken and a card made at any CIT Student Services Shopfront. If you are a distance student you will need to include a passport size colour photograph as a JPEG file with your proof of ID. Click here to apply for a CIT card online.

For more information about CIT cards click here.

Proof of identification

If you are a new student you will need to prove your identification and provide certified copies of documents. Proof of ID must be received by CIT or you will not be able to receive results or grades. Students who are studying qualifications of Diplomas and above will be required to prove their citizenship.

Click here for the what ID is accepted (PDF 575Kb).

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What are entry requirements?

Entry requirements are on the course webpage and describe the minimum requirements for previous education, age and/or experience that you need to have for a reasonable chance of successfully completing a program.

By enrolling, CIT assumes you have checked and met these entry requirements. CIT staff will confirm either before or within the first few weeks of classes. Click here to find out more information.

What are prerequisites?

Prerequisites are subjects you need to complete before going on to another subject. Only some subjects have prerequisites and yes you will need to have them. These are shown on the course webpage under the SUBJETCS tab. If you do not have these prerequisites you may not graduate. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the prerequisites to ensure your success.

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What is CIT self-service?

CIT self-service is an online facility that allows you to view and edit your progress at CIT. CIT self-service allows you to do the following:

  • Apply to study at CIT
  • Enrol into subjects
  • Verify your Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • View your account balance, invoices & pay fees
  • View holds
  • View your unofficial Record of Results
  • Update phone numbers & addresses
  • Update email address
  • Update emergency contact
  • Apply for Commonwealth HELP loans if eligible

All information is subject to the Privacy Act 1988.

How do I login?

To login to the secure area of CIT self-service use your CIT number and your PIN.Your PIN is initially set to your 6 digit date of birth in the format ddmmyy.

For login help contact:

  • CIT student services on campus or phone (02) 6207 3188 or email

    Monday -Thursday:


    9am - 5pm



    10am - 4pm

  • Shared services Student Service Desk on (02) 6207 5511

    Monday - Friday:


    7:30am - 6pm

How do I change or reset my password?

You can change your Password as long as you are at one of the CIT campuses. Follow these steps:

1. Type https://proxy2/admin in the address bar of the internet browser. This will bring you to the CIT Internet Access and Reporting Log In page.
2. Log in using your current log in details. This will bring you to a menu page.
3. Follow the prompts to change password.

I have read these questions and haven't found my answer, what should I do:

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or

Click here for CIT Student Services Locations and Opening Hours.

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