Acknowledgement of Country

Ngunnawal Acknowledgement

Dhawura Nguna Dhawura Ngunnawal

Ngunnawalwari Dhawurawari

Nginggada Dindi Yindumaralidjinyin

Dhawura Ngunnawal Yindumaralidjinyin

This is Ngunnawal Country. We always respect their Elders, male and female. We always respect Ngunnawal Country.

CIT acknowledges the cultural host nation of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people as Canberra’s first inhabitants and Traditional Custodians of the ACT and Region. We recognise the special relationship and connection to Country that the Ngunnawal people have with this area since time immemorial.

Prior to non-Indigenous arrival Ngunnawal were a thriving community whose cultural practices were and still are core to their physical and spiritual wellbeing. We acknowledge the historical dispossession of the Ngunnawal people and recognise the long lasting, profound and ongoing impact to their health and well-being that invasion has had on their livelihoods, cultural practices and families as well as the continuation of their laws/lore. CIT respectfully acknowledges the significant contribution of the Ngunnawal people to the life of Canberra.

We also acknowledge other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that have made this place their home.


& Intent

At CIT we are embracing a future that is rich with possibilities, a future where we are at the centre of a vibrant, constantly adapting ecosystem of students, business and the community. Our flagship Woden campus is a crucial steppingstone to this future. CIT is an integral part of the ACT community, and as the public provider of vocational education and training is uniquely placed to contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of Canberra's future.

We must:

  • Be experts at collaborating, connecting, and fostering partnerships with multiple stakeholders to capture, create and nurture new possibilities.
  • Be influential, developing and trialling cutting edge practices, leading by example to demonstrate what is possible in vocational education and training.
  • Be recognised and acknowledged as an economic and social enabler vital for sustainable economic growth.
  • Be inclusive for all members of our community, with a focus on empowering traditionally marginalised cohorts and supporting those facing disadvantage.
  • Be trusted as agile and responsive to emerging industry, business, and community needs, and to deliver quality vocational education and training for the jobs of the future.

Our Strategic

Leading change

raising our ambitions to meet new expectations

Advancing Canberra’s workforce

adapting our courses and means of delivery to provide skills for the future

Growing our region’s economy

supporting jobs, economic resilience, and future prosperity

Transforming our business

investing in our business for viability and value

Our Strategic

Student Experience

No two students are alike, and the value of a personalised experience has never been higher. With a wide range of diverse student and industry needs we will think, be and work differently ensuring our students’ success is at the centre of everything we do.

The evolution of learning to a digitally enabled environment including increased access for students to virtual learning environments, mixed reality, workplace delivery and simulations means we must reconfigure our core business. This will set the benchmark for innovative vocational education and training practices, enhancing the student experience throughout the student journey.

Contemporary Skills

The jobs of 2025 and beyond may not be the jobs of 2021, or those lost to the pandemic. As an organisation we must deliver contemporary skills to the ACT and region, enabling students to adapt to multiple possible futures in the economic sectors of growing relevance for Canberra and the nation.

CIT graduates of the future will seek ongoing learning, increasing their value to employers, their own businesses, and the broader economy and community. The evolving pattern of work will place greater emphasis on the need for learners to acquire, practice, deploy and relearn new skills in a continuous educational loop. This training will need to take the format of accredited training, non-accredited training and micro-credentialing, anticipating emerging industry and business needs.

Campus Renewal

As part of the government’s commitment to campus renewal for CIT, a flagship CIT campus is being built in a central, well-connected part of Woden. This will support Canberrans reach their full potential through quality education and skills development and shape the Canberra of 2025 and beyond.

The new CIT Woden campus will deliver excellence in education and learning outcomes for students. The modern campus will enable the careers of tomorrow, with smart and simulated learning environments and spaces where students can come together and learn, share, explore and collaborate with local industry.

Place making will be renewed and extended beyond the new Woden campus to all our campuses ensuring we contribute to the culture, economy and the vitality of the communities where they reside and act as catalysts for connecting students and industry through education, innovation, culture and social inclusion.


The exponential growth of technology and the varied rate of adoption from business-to-business has created uneven digitalisation and digital literacy skills in our ecosystem. We must continuously increase our technological capabilities to provide seamless transitions between social, work and student digital environments. We will deliver superior online student experience throughout the student journey, enabling effortless collaboration, innovation and skill development while nurturing the development of digital literacy for all.

Our People

Organisations are defined by their people and the momentum and success of an organisation is powered by its staff. While the future is not linear or predictable, we can design for multiple possible futures. The only constant for all futures is that our people will be the driving force in reconfiguring to our changing environment.

We must be ambitious in our endeavour to attract, recruit, and develop staff to be future-ready to meet the needs of our transforming city and region, enriching our community and the innovation ecosystem.

We must continue to be learners ourselves and grow a workforce who have strong situational awareness and are able to adapt to the multiple contexts in which we operate. We will empower staff, inspiring confidence, agility and resilience to develop leaders who push the boundaries and can navigate ambiguous landscapes while maintaining accountability for their actions.


The world is in the midst of transformation-sized change affecting all industry sectors creating unfamiliar landscapes and uncertainty for many businesses. We are aware that any value we create is through meeting the needs of others, students and businesses alike. It has never been more important to navigate this constantly changing environment for businesses to maintain relevance and viability for mutual benefit.

We must create a climate of cross industry innovation building on and fostering the networks and connections that are unique to our ACT and regional ecosystem. Mutually beneficial partnerships will be continuously developed with our university counterparts, the Canberra Innovation Network, government, and business alike. We will lead change by driving an adaptive, modern workforce through our strong industry relationships.


With a rapidly changing world, the importance of sustainability has never been stronger. For a sustainable and economically viable future, businesses must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet future needs, creating programs of positive change for people, the planet and products.

We must embed sustainability at the core of our thinking, strategy, and business operations, protecting our natural environment, human and ecological health, while driving innovation to meet our community’s priorities. We must think global and act local, committing to ongoing viability encompassing economic, environmental and social sustainability, ensuring an inclusive and strong community that nurtures and supports those traditionally marginalised and facing disadvantage.


We will measure our success by the positive effects our Strategic Compass 2025 - CIT Futures has on skills development, community wellbeing and the growth of the ACT economy. Specifically, our success will be measured at a strategic level through our contribution to the ACT Wellbeing Framework and the following key indicators:

Learning for Life

Post-school opportunities and outcomes


Employment, unemployment, underemployment and labour force participation

Digital access

Digital inclusion through three aspects: digital literacy, access and affordability

Sense of belonging and inclusion

People’s sense of belonging in their community, how inclusive they find their local area and whether people experience discrimination in Canberra.