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CIT host Renewables and Climate Change event: Zero CO2

Published: 16 Nov 2021

The Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) hosted a collaborative innovation workshop for the renewables industry and thought leaders in Canberra on Wednesday 3 November, called Zero CO2: Renewable Skills of the Future.

CIT Zero CO2 Collaborative Innovation Lab: Renewable Skills of the Future looked to identify future skills needs and how CIT can partner, prepare for, and deliver to these future needs.

Guest speakers and industry thought leaders shared the latest information and innovations in renewables in Australia’s climate change action capital, Canberra.

The event included representatives from industries that support Zero CO2, including Green Hydrogen, Food Waste Reduction, Solar and Grid Management, Battery and PV and the Energy Efficient Building sector.

Themes of the small group discussions included designing training which provided the skills that graduates the industry needs now and in the future.

CIT Renewables Senior Manager Ilsa Stuart said:

"As we know, the world is in the midst of transformational-sized change affecting all industry sectors; COVID-19 and climate change are two of the most significant impacts for this change."

"The Clean Energy Council estimates the renewables sector currently employs over 25,000 people and could employ as many as 44,000 people by 2025. As the ACT renewables sector continues to grow, skilled and qualified workers will need to be available to meet the needs of the industry for the energy transition."

"It has never been more important for industry and CIT to navigate this constantly changing environment and to maintain relevance and viability for mutual benefit."

"This collaboration was an opportunity for us all to connect and learn, to identify the future skills needs, and determine how CIT can partner, prepare for, and deliver to these future needs."

"The future for the renewable energy sector is very exciting and CIT will play an important part in supporting the growth of the sector."

"The collaboration demonstrates that this is just the start of the conversation in terms of the renewable energy sector and future skills."

Canberra is an internationally recognised global climate action leader, achieving 100 per cent renewable electricity since early 2020. This achievement is the first of its kind for a jurisdiction outside of Europe.

Visit the CIT website for details about Renewables.