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Culinary creations in a global pandemic

Published: 13 May 2020

Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) culinary teacher and trained chef Monique Roeton is not the sort of person to let a global pandemic get in the way of some quality baking, so she has created a series on instructional live videos to help her students continue their training.

Monique said the videos started around the same time as CIT’s Term 1 pause in classes with the participation of 12 students. "Some of my students wanted to continue to work and learn so they could get a little bit ahead for our return. I decided to start running some online tutorials when some students asked for recipes and just for help in general with baking and decorating."

"It began with a live video on myself completing and decorating a cake just as the isolation rule was coming into force. The students loved the online class, and this then prompted another video of how easy it was to ganache cakes using simple products," Monique said.

As well as cakes, Monique has also developed online classes on hot cross buns and scones, and step by step images on how to create toppers for cakes. "My students want to learn. They want to know as much as they can and they want the knowledge I can give them. This sort of online learning is the perfect way to do it when you are stuck at home and cannot go anywhere."

"I think the most popular so far has been the hot cross buns. It can be quite difficult as there are a number of steps and at CIT we use large equipment to make them. I wanted my students to realise they could do anything from home using basic equipment and tools.

"Other teachers are already sharing images of breads, sourdough and the many thousand hot cross buns they have been baking. One student has even started making videos herself of what she is creating at home. It has created such a supportive network and builds the confidence they need to do anything they set out to," Monique said.

"Our industries constantly change and we should be adapting and redeveloping how we train our students to meet these changes."

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