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CIT students prep at Temasek Polytechnic Culinary Academy

Published: 08 Aug 2019

Temasek Polytechnic (TP) in Singapore welcomed 10 CIT culinary and hospitality students, as part of a study tour where sourcing local produce, exposure to new cooking techniques and attending international culinary events provided a robust skill enhancing experience.

Garbed appropriately in their chef's uniforms, the students' hands-on experience at TP's Culinary Academy ranged from breaking down chickens, trimming sirloin and making dumplings to learning how to store fish and stock. Sugarloaf, TP's training bakery and café, provided a delightful setting for retail planning sessions of desserts, bread and pastry offerings. The students' exposure to new technologies in food processing, work-integrated and problem-based learning activities exemplifies the shared program delivery approach of TP and CIT focused on quality, innovative learning.

As the students were keen to build new skills and learn about food from a different cultural perspective, the study tour did not disappoint. Crystal McLaughlin, a student who was eager to get more exposure to unique foods and cooking techniques said, "It was a thrill to explore the patisserie side of Singapore, meet celebrity Chef Han and enjoy unique dining experiences along the way."

The study tour coincided with the Singapore Food Festival, celebrating the unique and diverse hospitality industry. The students attended Chillax Asia, a food, bakery and beverage exposition and the Speciality & Fine Food Asia Expo showcasing a robot coffee machine, award winning Scandinavian dark chocolate with smelt fish and other foodservice European innovations. They also enjoyed the Great Indian Food Festival, an annual cultural event celebrating vibrant traditional recipes across multiple street food carts.

Meetings with industry leaders increased the students' understanding of concept marketing, as well as sustainable and thoughtful product sourcing practices, which encourage the whole appreciation of ingredients despite their imperfections.

"The study tour exposed the students to new technologies, food products and processes, increasing their knowledge of global hospitality trends and emergent best practice," CIT Head of Department, Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism, Tony Mudge said.

Student grants are made possible with support from the Australian Government's Australia Awards - Endeavour Mobility Grants program.

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