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CIT teachers prepared to deliver VET online

Published: 06 May 2020

A group of teachers from The Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) studying to improve their skills and abilities banded together online to better share their knowledge and ideas.

The teachers, including Nichola Perry, Jacqueline Purves, Luke Young and Marcus Tolley, were studying a Diploma in Vocational Education and Training (TAE50116) when CIT paused classes in Term 1 due to the COVIC-19 pandemic. Like many Canberrans they are mostly working from home and decided to continue connecting online to develop learning tools and discuss lessons.

Nichola, who teaches Children’s Education and Care, started the Diploma in VET to further her training as an educator. "One of our current courses is about designing online learning. Given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been very topical."

She studied with IT teachers expanding their understanding of online teaching options available. "It was all very organic, and it became a place for sharing ideas and support. It went from there, with other teachers doing the Diploma joining in."

One of these IT teachers is Luke Young, who has a background working as a telecommunications engineer. "I became a teacher at CIT to share my experience with others, and this Diploma in VET was a chance to improve my skills in education."

"This unit on developing online learning has been very useful. I know how to use many of these online tools already, but I am learning how to apply them to education, which will be especially useful in teaching our own students in Term 2," Luke said.

Teachers with different backgrounds joined the group working together to be better educators. Jacqueline Purves, a CIT Business and Leadership teacher said, "The online connection has provided us with an innovation hub to test ideas and troubleshoot problems to support delivery and implementation of e-learning."

Fitness teacher, Marcus Tolley said, "We are learning by doing, and we are getting better at delivering this type of training. There is a huge market for online training in the fitness industry. Rather than just reaching people locally, it gives trainers the opportunity to theoretically reach millions of people."

Not only is this a great opportunity for teachers to learn to be better teachers, but it is also creating a social setting to support colleagues in this period of isolation. It is providing a place for teachers to share their issues and catch up with each other, and CIT is encouraging other teams to think about setting up similar groups to help reduce stress and feelings of isolation.

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