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eLR - eLearning Resources

eLR (eLearning Resources) provides for the flexible storage, search, discovery and retrieval of all digital resources  used at CIT. It is an integral part of eLearn This repository contains a range of digital resources created by CIT staff and sourced from reputable sources for use in eLearn or in the CIT classroom.

CIT teachers are required to contribute all their learning resources as well as subject guides and outlines to eLR each semester. All digital learning resources sourced from outside of CIT (i.e. the Internet, textbooks, magazines or links to digital material) should also be submitted to eLR. Learning resources stored in eLR may be used by all CIT teachers.

eLR can be accessed through the eLearn course by choosing "add a activity or resource > e-Resource", or directly at

eLR Support

CIT Library provides a range of support services for teachers contributing resources to eLR.

Library staff moderate new resources contributed to the repository. This process aims to complete one or all of the following tasks for an object:

  • collect further information about the resources;
  • ensure copyright compliance by assigning the appropriate copyright license;
  • add additional keywords to improve discoverability.

More information about this process can be obtained from your Liaison Librarian. Library staff contribute relevant learning resources to the repository to provide additional resources for teachers to use.

eLR support staff assist teachers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing training on using eLR either individually or in groups, face to face or virtually; can show you how to get the best from the repository by utilizing effective searching methods, through to advanced use of other system features.
  • Arranging a bulk upload service for teachers who have a collection of resources that they would like uploaded quickly into eLR.
  • Taking on ideas and suggestions for changes and updates to eLR in future developments.
  • Providing general support for teachers using eLR.

For further information Email:
Phone: 02 6207 3833 or 02 6207 3158