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Fee assistance supporting document requirements

Your required supporting documents verify that you meet the eligibility criteria and confirm the information provided within your application.

You must submit all of your required documents at the time you submit your online application. If your application is received incomplete your application will be unsuccessful and you will need to reapply. Please note funding is limited.

Acceptable income evidence

The following are examples of documents that are considered as acceptable evidence.

Income Documents **A gross income is your total income before any sort of deduction.
  • Pay slip/s or a letter from your employer on company letterhead (must state gross income) no more than one (1) month old
  • Current Centrelink Income Statement (no more than one (1) month old)
  • Current ATO Tax Assessment (if payslips are not available)
  • Current bank statement/s of all savings (if you are living on savings).
Required CIT documents
  • CIT tax invoices or copy of CIT Student Account showing the amount owing
  • CIT Student Schedule (not college timetable)
  • CIT Unofficial/Official Transcript
  • Course/s booklist (confirming they are essential course materials)
  • CITSA Bookshop quote (external business quotes not accepted)

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Preparing supporting documents for submission

To submit a completed application, you must attach all required supporting documents to your online application in an electronic format. Please note the following:

  • Scanned copies and/or photographs of evidence are acceptable (must be able to read all relevant information)
  • The preferred format of files is PDF
  • The maximum size limit of all attachments cannot exceed 6MB (6 Megabytes).
  • Free scanning facilities are available at CIT Libraries (No CITCard required).

Online applications are able to be saved and files added once you have your electronic documents.

*All income evidence/personal documents are destroyed once Fee Assistance applications are finalised

Assistance creating electronic copies of support documents

If you require assistance with creating electronic copies of your documents, staff in the following departments are available to assist you:

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