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Eligibility criteria and application process

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for ACT Government Fee Assistance, you need to:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a permanent Australian resident or a holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa
  • be enrolled in an eligible CIT government subsidised course
  • demonstrate and be assessed as experiencing financial hardship and have a gross income less than or equal to the income threshold relating to your circumstances or demonstrate exceptional circumstances, if over the income threshold
  • demonstrate a commitment to your studies through contributing at least 25% of the cost of your course and have satisfactory results
  • pay the Services and Amenities fee (or an equivalent amount).

*Students who ARE eligible for VET Student Loans/VET FEE-HELP and are enrolled in a government subsidised course can apply for assistance towards required course materials only (not fees).

*Students who ARE NOT eligible for VET Student Loans/VET FEE-HELP and are enrolled in a government subsidised course can apply for assistance for both fees and required course materials.

Ineligible students and courses

  • international students
  • apprentices/trainees who are eligible as a part of their employment conditions/Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) to have their student fees reimbursed
    If you are unsure if your EBA covers costs CITSA staff can provide advice on your eligibility.
  • recreational and CIT Solutions courses
  • commercially-funded and full fee paying courses eligible for VET Student Loans/VET FEE-HELP or FEE-HELP.

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Income threshold

You must have and provide evidence of having a gross income (total income before any sort of deductions) of less than or equal to the annual income thresholds relating to your circumstances (see the table below for guidance).

*Your income documents will be destroyed to protect your privacy when your application has been finalised.

Living arrangements/circumstanceAnnualMonthlyFortnightlyWeekly
Single persons with no children/dependents $40,000 $3,333 $1,538 $769
Couples with no children/dependents $60,000 $5,000 $2,307 $1,153
Single parents, couples/families with children/dependents (this includes applicants living at home where there are required to provide income of their parents/guardians) $80,000 $6,666 $3,076 $1,538

Types of support and limits

Fee Assistance can provide financial assistances towards:

  • fees generated through Banner (CIT's student enrolment system) and/or
  • required course materials available through CITSA Bookshops.

The support provided is for up to 75% of your outstanding invoices and/or required course materials. Support is limited to a maximum of $700 per student in one (1) semester.

*The amount of support varies depending on amounts requested and the funding available at the time you apply.

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Application process, checklist and assistance

Before completing the online application:

  • read the information within the Fee Assistance Application Checklist (PDF 462.3Kb) each time you apply to ensure your chances of lodging your application successfully (information/processes will change without notice) This checklist includes information about the steps in applying and links to important information such as the required documents.
  • pay your Services and Amenities fee (payment of this fees is only required for your first application of a new semester).

Assistance completing the form

For assistance in completing this form or with creating electronic support documents, during business hours, you can talk to a CITSA staff member in person or call CIT on (02) 6207 3188 or (02) 6207 3290.

See the section Preparing supporting documents for submission for details of staff who are able to assist in these areas and for a list of the required documents.

While waiting for a Fee Assistance result

  • All students are expected to pay at least 25% of their requested amounts as a contribution towards their course costs. While waiting for a result, you can begin to pay towards your 25% contribution. However DO NOT pay more than 25% of your requested fees and/or textbooks/materials as no refunds are available.

    *You will be given extra time to pay fees after your result.

  • Attend your classes if they have started.

    *If you require course materials while waiting for your result such as a uniform, textbook or equipment kit, we recommend that you purchase those and request assistance with other course materials that are not as urgent. Remember Fee Assistance cannot refund money that you have spent.

Apply for your CITCard either online or in person at CIT Student Services to access CIT services, facilities and resources. While you will be given extra time to pay outstanding fees, applying for Fee Assistance does not extend the date to withdraw. If you do not want to continue with a course/s you must withdraw in writing before your original invoice due date. If you do not, you will be liable for the payment of fees even if you do not attend.

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Assessment and results of Fee Assistance applications

Only completed applications are approved based on satisfying the eligibility criteria.

You will receive an email from CIT advising the outcome of your and what to do next. We aim to provide a result within four to six (4-6) weeks of lodging a completed application.

If approved, you can receive up to 75% of your requested course costs (fees and/or textbooks/materials) to the maximum support limit of $700 per student in one (1) semester.

*Refunds are not available for fees or textbooks/materials you have already paid for.

**One (1) successful application does not cover you for your whole course. You must reapply each time you would like assistance with course costs.

Payment of awarded fees and payment of outstanding fees

All amounts for granted fees are paid by CIT staff directly off your student account before you are advised of the result.

Whether your application has been successful or not, you will be given two (2) weeks to pay your outstanding fees or organise a payment plan, if eligible.

NOTE: Applying for Fee Assistance does not extend the date to withdraw. If you want to withdraw from any of your course/s you must do so in writing to before your original invoice due date.

Textbook/materials credits at CITSA Bookshops

Amounts granted for course materials are by way of a credit at CITSA Bookshops. A copy of your result is sent to the CITSA Bookshop so CITSA staff can set up your credit based on the amount granted and length of time the credit is valid as stated in your result email.

To activate your credit you need to show the CITSA Bookshop staff photographic ID.

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Multiple applications within the same semester

You can apply again in the same semester if you have not reached the $700 support limit.

  • If your circumstances HAVE NOT changed; complete the relevant sections of the online application form, attach the relevant documents.
  • If your circumstances HAVE changed; complete the online application form in full.

Approval for additional assistance is based on support limits and the amount of funding still available when you reapply.


If you wish to appeal the decision of your Fee Assistance application, you can contact the ACT Government Fee Assistance Coordinator to get feedback and discuss your concerns. The Coordinator will give you the opportunity to provide further information/documents to take to the ACT Government Fee Assistance Committee to review.

The Committee will review any information/documents and provide you with a written response of the Committee's decision. If the result is negative and you wish to lodge another appeal, all information relating to your applications will be forwarded to the Manager, CIT Student Support for a final decision.

Withdrawing from some or all courses

Amounts of assistance granted are based on your course costs at the time you applied. It is expected that successful applicants will contribute at least 25% of their course costs. Therefore, if you withdraw from any course/s the amount you have been granted may be revised and the difference returned to the Fee Assistance fund to assist other students in need.

If you do not want to continue with a course/s you must withdraw in writing ( before your original invoice due date. If you do not, you will be liable for the payment of fees even if you do not attend. Applying for Fee Assistance does not extend the date to withdraw.

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