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Telehealth provides online communication between CIT Counsellors or Disability Education Advisors  and students via enhanced video conferencing. You can attend your appointment via video while you are at home. Telehealth appointments work just like  face-to-face appointments where you need to book in to access the service. To book an appointment, phone (02) 6207 3290 or email

Before your appointment

Please make your test call prior to your appointment to ensure your connection is working correctly and you are comfortable with this technology.

You can do a test call: Telehealth test call

A Telehealth test call checks your connection, video and audio. Please  click the link above to conduct a test call and follow the prompts.

You won’t be connected to a CIT Counsellor or CIT Disability Support  Advisor. You will need to close the window and then click on the URL provided below to begin your appointment.

How to Start a Telehealth video call

You will need to start the video call for your appointment to begin. Please note you need to have booked an appointment to access Telehealth.

To start your Telehealth appointment, click this link approximately 5-10 minutes before your  appointment time.

Once you have clicked on the URL (above) to start video call, enter your first name, last name, telephone number and CIT number, then select 'continue'. You will be  transferred to an online waiting area where your Counsellor or Disability Education Advisor will see you.

We will answer your call as soon as possible.