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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIT Self Service?

CIT Self Service allows you to view and update your own information online using CIT's Student Information Management System, all records are subject to the Privacy Act 2014.

CIT Self Service can be used to:

  • Apply for a course of study
  • Enrol into subjects
  • Update your Personal Details e.g. phone, email, address & emergency contact
  • Check you Enrolment Status
  • Check if you have any Holds
  • View your Schedule (Timetable)
  • Unofficial Transcript (Record of results)
  • Account Details ($)

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Access, Login and Passwords

CIT passwords are synchronised. Passwords are the same for CIT Internet access, CIT Self Service and eLearn.

Your Username will be your CIT number (eg. CIT123456).

Your Default Password or Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be your date of birth written as ddmmyy (eg. 010379 if your birthday was 1st March, 1979).

How do I change my Password?

If you are on a CIT networked computer and are a current student, you can change your password by following the steps below:

  1. Hold down the following keyboard keys at the same time: CTRL, ALT then hit DELETE
  2. Click on the Change a Password button
  3. Click on the icon showing your CIT number
  4. In the next screen, enter your current password, then enter your new password twice and click on the arrow button to finalise your password change.

Please note: Your password cannot exceed a 10 character limit.

Do you need your password reset?

Should you require a password reset you can contact: the CIT Library,  CIT Student Services, eLearn Support or the Student Services Information Team on (02) 6207 3188.

Other Login Issues?

Contact the Student Service Desk on (02) 620 79000 Monday to Friday.

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CIT Self Service recommended web browsers

Current versions of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers should allow you to access CIT Self Service.

Contact the Student Service Desk on (02) 620  79000 Monday to Friday.

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What is a CRN and why is it important?

CRN stands for 'Course Reference Number'.

Each of the Courses that you study at CIT will have a CRN to identify your classes/subjects for that course/program.

You will see the CRN(s) listed on documents such as your Unofficial Transcript (Record of Results), your Student Schedule - Timetable and your Statement of Account (but not on your Invoice).

The CRN is also used in the transfer of information from the Student Information Management System to the eLearn system. If you find that you cannot access one of your courses in eLearn, it will help to resolve the problem more quickly if you know the CRN.

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How do I print my Student timetable?

To print a copy of your schedule:

  • Click on Student Menu
  • Click on Study Info
  • Click on "Student Detail Timetable"
  • Select a term and submit the request
  • Download the Class Schedule PDF or print the screen using your web browsers print features

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Can I print an unofficial transcript?

To print a copy of your Unofficial Record of results:

  • Click on Student Menu
  • Click on Academic records
  • Click on "Unofficial Record of results"
  • Click the SUBMIT button
  • Click the "Download PDF" button

To obtain an Official Academic Transcript you need to fill in the Request for CIT Academic Documents smart form. The form may also be accessed from the CIT website under Student Forms. There is no charge for a single copy of an Official Academic Transcript for the program you are currently enrolled in. Additional copies cost $20 each. Please allow 10 working days for your application to be processed.

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When will grades (results) be available?

Subject grades should be available two weeks after a unit or subject has ended.  As many subjects are offered flexibly you may need to check regularly or ask your teacher.

It is important to know that the results your teacher has entered in eLearn are just results for specific pieces of assessment; they are not your final grades.

Once you have completed all the requirements for a program of study CIT will mail it to you. You can use CIT Self Service to check and update your mailing address.

If your student record has a 'hold' applied to it your results will be withheld.

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What are Holds?

A 'hold' is a block on your student record that can prevent you from re-enrolling, borrowing resources, receiving results or even graduating.

The two main types of hold are financial (due to outstanding fees) or library (due to outstanding library materials). There is also a returned mail hold which is applied when mail is returned to CIT because you are no longer at the address recorded on Banner. This hold is only applied if CIT is unable to contact you in order to obtain your current address.

If you need assistance regarding a hold on your record, you should contact the CIT Student Services on (02) 620 73188.

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If there is a problem with my academic records where can I get advice?

You should contact the CIT Student Services for assistance on (02) 620 73188.

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Who can I contact for more information on CIT Self Service?

If you need more information about CIT Self Service, or you want to suggest ways to make these FAQs more useful please contact:

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