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Responsibilities in the learning environment

CIT is responsible for:

  • a learning environment which is respectful, supportive and positive, and that meets diverse needs
  • a learning environment which is free of discrimination, bullying or harassment, and protects students' health and safety
  • student services which take into account the needs of all students
  • accurate, accessible and timely information about all relevant aspects of courses including subject guides
  • a growing number of subjects with a presence in the CIT online environment - eLearn, where subject guides and classroom materials will be available
  • timely, fair and constructive assessment of student work and feedback
  • providing access to staff to discuss course and subject matters and address student concerns
  • appropriate facilities and equipment to support student needs in the learning environment
  • recognition of student legal rights including upholding of privacy principles.

The above responsibilities also apply to students studying the CIT Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds (Programming) at the AIE in Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Students' responsibilities are to:

  • treat other students and staff with respect and fairness in a culturally sensitive, tolerant, non-discriminatory and non-bullying/harassing manner
  • manage their own learning and be aware of requirements set out in the subject guide
  • participate constructively in the teaching-learning environment, and maintain steady academic progress
  • complete all assessment tasks honestly without cheating, plagiarism or copyright violations
  • use information technology and other equipment safely, appropriately and legitimately. This includes respectful behaviour towards CIT students and staff when online including social media sites
  • never enter any CIT campus with illegal drugs or weapons or while under the influence of illegal drugs, cannabis or alcohol
  • follow CIT procedures to appeal assessment decisions or seek to resolve concerns or complaints
  • adhere to any learning contracts; behaviour contracts or academic intervention plans for international students
  • all students are required to follow the CIT Student Code of Conduct (PDF 265Kb).

Failure to meet these responsibilities, by either students or staff, will be addressed in the most appropriate manner including counselling, or if an ongoing concern, disciplinary action.