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Proof of Identity

All students at CIT must provide documents to prove their identity.

You will need to provide 100 points of identity to CIT so we can confirm your identity. If you enrol online you will have a 'Hold' placed on your account until you provide the 100 points of ID.

If you have been a student at CIT prior to 2021 and you have never shown either a birth certificate or passport, you will be asked to provide additional ID when moving from a Certificate IV or lower course into a Diploma or higher level course. This is to allow CIT to update your student record to show your Citizenship status. This information is required for any student enrolled in a VET Student Loan eligible course regardless of whether they intend to apply for a VET Student Loan.

For more information on the new 100 points of identity requirement visit the Student Forms page and go to the CIT Student ID Check Form or alternatively you can contact CIT Student Services via: