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Internet Conditions of Use

When accessing CIT ICT resources and services, students must not:

  • access, download or store inappropriate or offensive material. This includes adult content and other offensive material
  • intentionally send unauthorised widespread mail-outs or chain letters or other malware, eg viruses
  • intentionally create, send or access information that could damage the Institute's reputation, be misleading or deceptive, result in victimisation or harassment, lead to criminal penalty or civil liability, or be reasonably found to be offensive, obscene, threatening, abusive or defamatory
  • save or copy unofficial software and/or large personal files greater than 2MB, to any network drive. (e.g. non-standard graphics, screen savers, '.exe' files, music and/or video files).

CIT will log and monitor all ICT related activity on network infrastructure equipment and applications and will take disciplinary action against students found to be in breach of this policy.