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A 'hold' is a block on your student record that can prevent you from re-enrolling, borrowing resources, accessing your results or even graduating from the course that the 'hold' is applied to.

The two main types of hold are financial (due to late payment or outstanding fees) or resources (due to overdue resources from the Library). There is also a returned mail hold and an identity hold. The returned mail hold is applied when mail is returned because you are no longer at the address recorded in the student administration system. This hold is only applied if CIT Student Services is unable to contact you to obtain your current address.

The identity hold is applied if you have not provided enough evidence at the time of enrolment to prove your identity or residency/citizenship status.

If you need assistance regarding a hold on your record, CIT Student Services can advise you. Phone (02) 6207 3188 or contact CIT Student Services via Live Chat or email