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Your student invoice lists the fees that apply to the course of study in which you have enrolled.

Course fees cover your tuition only; they do not include the fees listed below:

  • Excursion fees: applied to some courses to cover some of the costs for excursions.
  • Material/Resource fees: applied to some courses to cover some of the cost of materials, equipment and resources.
  • Recognition fee: the fee paid when applying for Skills Recognition. Usually this fee is the same as the tuition fee.

Note: Any Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be shown on your invoice. Course fees are GST free.

Once your invoice has been issued you must:

  • Pay your fees by the invoice due date OR
  • Cancel your enrolment by:
    - Submitting a request to withdraw either partially or in full before the invoice due date. You must submit this request in writing via advising of your wish to withdraw.

Failure to do this will result in your enrolment being cancelled. If your enrolment is cancelled you will need to reenrol into your subjects again and pay in full, noting this isn't automatic and you will need to confirm with the teaching area to see if you can reenrol.

If you are studying in a VET Student Loan eligible course you will need to complete the withdrawal section of the paper enrolment form and have your teacher sign the withdrawal if you wish to withdraw after your census date. Once completed this form should be handed in to CIT Student Services.

We can cancel your enrolment:

If you have any outstanding fees after the specified payment date on your invoice CIT is able to cancel your enrolment. Make sure you are aware of what you need to pay and check the date you need to pay it by. For flexible payment options and other information about your fees, please visit the Invoices and Fee Payment Options page.