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CIT Green

There are many things that all of us can do to minimise our impact on the environment. CIT Green is focused on identifying and implementing ways in which we can all reduce our carbon footprint. These can include promoting the use of bicycles and bicycle racks; identifying recyclable waste, thus reducing our waste to landfill; and assisting students, teachers and staff to implement more environmentally friendly practices within their roles at CIT.

The CIT Environment Sustainability Charter lists CIT's commitment to environmental protection and education for sustainability. CIT is focusing on integrating environmental sustainability content and practices across all courses. Most of CIT's courses have sustainable content embedded. We want our students to graduate as sustainability practitioners and take knowledge into the community. The result of all students learning sustainability practices is that they can take it into their workplace. Leading by example is invaluable.

Incorporating environmentally sustainable practices within vocational training is beneficial for the environment, staff, clients, and the community as a whole. CIT aims to be a leader in this area.

CIT Green runs monthly forums on a wide range of environmental topics. These will be advertised on all campuses and students are encouraged to attend.