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Academic appeals

Students have the right to appeal an assessment decision, which means you can apply for a review of an academic grade or a skills recognition assessment result.

If you wish to appeal an assessment decision:

  • Make an appointment to discuss the issue informally with your teacher.
  • If an issue is not resolved, make an appointment with the Head of Department responsible for your course to discuss the issue informally.
  • For assessment appeals outline your compliance with the assessment policy guidelines (which will have been given to you by your class teacher during the first two weeks of the course).
  • If unable to resolve the issue with the Head of Department you may wish to make a formal academic appeal in writing and submit to CIT Student Services within four weeks of receiving the grade. Your academic appeal is then directed to the relevant Director.
  • An independent person is appointed by the Director to investigate and make recommendations. Written confirmation of the outcome of the appeal is provided to all parties.
  • If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Director, you can appeal to the Chief Executive for a review.
  • The Chief Executive appoints an independent senior manager to complete the review and make a recommendation prior to a final decision. The decision from the Chief Executive is final, apart from the right to seek an external review.
  • A formal academic appeal must be submitted within four weeks of results being available on CIT Self Service.
  • A written statement regarding the outcome of any appeal will be provided including, where appropriate, advice about the option and process for review.
  • The ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (post-school option) follows the appeals procedures of the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS).

The Academic Appeal form can be found on the Student Forms page.