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ABSTUDY, Austudy and Youth Allowance

If you are entitled to ABSTUDY you are eligible to apply for an Indigenous scholarship that covers the cost of the tuition fee for the CIT course you are enrolled in. Contact CIT Yurauna for a scholarship application on (02) 6207 3309.

If you have an Austudy/Youth Allowance or other eligible Centrelink benefit then please provide evidence at enrolment. You will receive a 50% concession on eligible tuition fees.

Planning to submit an ABSTUDY/Austudy/Youth Allowance or other eligible Centrelink benefit application to Centrelink?

Please advise staff at enrolment/re-enrolment when you complete the course/subject enrolment process. CIT will generate a student schedule that contains all the details of your course/subject that you can use as the enrolment evidence to apply to Centrelink.