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Withdrawal request form

To withdraw from either a CIT course/program or individual units/subjects please complete the form below:

Note: To withdraw from a class the request must be submitted four weeks before the scheduled end date of the subject. Where a class is of less than four weeks' duration, applications to withdraw must be approved by the relevant Director.

Fields marked with * are required.

CIT number*
Email address*
Phone number*
Please list the course/program of study you wish to be withdrawn from*

Do you wish to be withdrawn from the full course/program
If no, please list the individual CRNs (Course Reference Numbers)
Reason(s) for your withdrawal from study at CIT*

Please indicate beside the most appropriate response/s or add a comment underneath of 'Other' to describe the reason(s) for your withdrawal from study at CIT.
If other, please advise the reason for your withdrawal
I have already discussed my withdrawal with the teaching area