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Payment Plan Form

Payment Plans are a way for you to spread the cost of your study out across the timeline of the study. If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship, please visit Concessions and Fee Assistance to explore ways to make your study more affordable through the reduction of total fees payable before applying for a payment plan.

CIT offers Concessions and Fee Assistance to eligible students.

The request needs to be $100+ as per the Fees Policy.

Any application for a CIT Payment Plan must be made prior to the relevant invoice due date.

Fields marked with * are required.

Student CIT Number*
Student First Name*
Student Last Name*
Student Email Address*
Have you reviewed the Concessions and Fee Assistance eligibility?*
Are you eligible for a Centrelink Concession?*
If yes, and you have not requested to have a concession applied to your account please complete the CIT Concession Application Form
Are you eligible and intending on applying for Fee Assistance?
Payment plans do not incur any interest and can be set up to spread the cost of the study out across the timeline of the study.

How often would you like the repayments to be, CIT has the three (3) available options:
Terms and Conditions of a CIT Payment Plan

I am aware that, in accordance with the CIT Fees Policy, my enrolment will be cancelled if I do not make payments on my account by the instalment due dates as outlined above. If my enrolment is cancelled, I understand CIT will not refund any monies paid.*

By accepting this Payment Plan agreement, I acknowledge I can meet the financial obligations of this Payment Plan to make the payments.*

I have read and understand the agreement and will abide by the terms and conditions set out above.*