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ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (post-school option)


The ACT Senior Secondary Certificate is a post school option for students who are no longer eligible for enrolment in an ACT College or NSW high school. The program offers both an accredited package for students as well as a tertiary package for those students needing an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) for direct entry into university. Students can complete the certificate or choose to do individual courses to improve their academic skills and knowledge.

CIT offers a range of subjects during the day and in the evenings. To work out your program of study, please book in with one of our staff to complete a skills evaluation and talk through an appropriate course of study based on your individual circumstances.


ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (post-school option)

Next Intake:

Semester 2 2024

Course No:



CIT Bruce 


Completion time will depend on individual circumstances. (1-5 years based on the individual's program)

Cost Info:

Enrolment fees for this course are based on the costs per subject as indicated below. The total course cost may vary depending on the choice of elective subjects or if subjects are attempted more than once. Subject costs identified as Standard are partially subsidised by the ACT Government. Concessions may be available to eligible students.

Likely Job Outcome:

CIT courses, University education, TAFE Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, specific employment areas requiring an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and general employment.

Application Type:


Timetable Information

To help with the enrolment process print your timetable, or keep the window open, so that you can refer back to it for your course code, course name, and the Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) or Block Code.

Additional Information

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) recognises completion of Year 11 and 12 courses/units from other jurisdictions as well as the ACT. Students wishing to have previous study recognised will need to provide evidence.

The 2024 Semester 1 enrolment fees for this course depend on whether a student is studying full time or part time. A student is understood to be studying full time if they enrol in 4 or more units and the fee for the semester is $780. A student studying 3 or fewer units is part time and the fee is $320. Course costs identified as Standard are partially subsidised by the ACT Government. Concessions may be available to eligible students.

Please book an appointment with CIT staff to enrol.

Individual appointments are currently available (allow 2 hours), please contact
Information sessions by appointment (allow 2 hours)

  • Wednesday 19 June 2024 from 10am to 3pm
  • Wednesday 26 June 2024 1pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday 17 July 2024 10-3pm

Entry Requirements

Under ACT BSSS policy there are three categories of student who may enter the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate course. The category is determined by age and/or by previous study history. If you are from a culturally or linguistically diverse background and are using English as a second language, you should have language skills equivalent to those at the end of the CIT course Certificate III in Spoken and Written English.

Entry requirements for the intensive package are that you must demonstrate that you have the necessary academic reading and writing skills, and that you understand the maths concepts required, to successfully complete an intensive ACT Senior Secondary Certificate tertiary package.

You will undertake a skills evaluation at enrolment to determine your readiness. Alternate and preparatory courses are available for skill development if needed.

NB: As the intensive course covers work normally completed in two school years, you also need to commit significant time for both class attendance and private study.

The course that is best for you will be discussed at enrolment.

This course is now open for Semester 2 2024 (enrolments close 23 July 2024).

Skills Recognition

To study any course at CIT (excluding non-accredited training) you must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Transition Information

Qualifications at CIT are regularly updated or replaced to meet current industry needs and maximise your employment opportunities. If this occurs while you are part way through a qualification, you may need to vary your learning to meet the new national requirements. CIT will aim to make this as smooth as possible for you.

Subject Cancellations/Changes

To ensure positive outcomes for all students, CIT may need to cancel or change classes at short notice. CIT will make every effort to inform students as soon as changes are made and will also make every effort to offer alternative arrangements for students to meet the requirements of the subject and complete their qualification. In an unfortunate instance when this cannot be met, you will receive a full refund. Please ensure you maintain current contact details via CIT Self Service or by contacting CIT Student Services at

Subject Information

A = Accredited

T= Tertiary

An A course is one which is accredited by the ACT BSSS as educationally sound and appropriate for students studying in years 11 and 12. A T course is accredited by the ACT BSSS as providing appropriate preparation for higher education.

More Information

For more information about this course please contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email