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Additions (Subject/Course)

You can enrol into a subject or course either online via CIT Self Service or, if the online facility is unavailable, by completing an Enrolment Form. This form is available from CIT Student Services on any campus or online under Student forms here.

Changes to Student Records

You are able to change your address and contact details by logging into CIT Self Service. Any request to change to your name cannot be completed online and must be accompanied with the appropriate name change document such as a Marriage Certificate or Deed Poll Certificate.

Verbal Notification

Please note that verbal notification for any variation to your enrolment is not adequate. All student record changes are required in writing either via email to or on the appropriate form which is then submitted to CIT Student Services via email at, or at  any Student Services location.

Withdrawals (Subject/Course)

Withdrawals from classes must be in writing and should be submitted either via the Withdrawal Request form or via email to, or on an enrolment form and forwarded to Student Services on any campus. For fees to be refunded, withdrawals must be submitted in writing before the fee due date.

Please note that verbal notification for withdrawals is not adequate as it leaves no record of your decision on your student record.

Under 17 years: If you are under 17 years when you enrol, it is mandatory to provide the name of the most recent school you have attended. If you are enrolled at CIT full-time you do not need an Approval Statement from the ACT Education and Training Directorate. If you are only enrolled part-time at CIT, you are required to have an Approval Statement from the ACT Education and Training Directorate for the other activities eg: any work which you are undertaking.

On enrolment, you will also be asked to make an appointment to meet with a Careers Advisor to develop a Pathways Plan. CIT Pathways College and CIT Yurauna students will develop their Pathways Plan with their teachers.