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10 DIPLOMA OF NURSING students will travel to Canada to gain knowledge and integrate skills by shadowing hospital-based health professionals (doctors, nurses and allied health staff) and students at teaching hospitals, and visit and collaborate with nursing students at the associated teaching institutions.


Students will review Care Plans and where available assist in observing and monitoring patient conditions and providing basic care. This is a critical step in comparing health services and the role of the Enrolled nurses in the two countries. Students will also visit museums to investigate the history of Canada’s health care system and observe the delivery of health services in a country other than Australia, and thus gain broader perspectives on the provision of health care services and the use of technology and other innovations. In collaboration with Canadian nursing students, CIT students will investigate the impacts of social, economic and cultural factors, comparing services and emerging trends in both countries, sharing similarities and differences in current practices and trends in health care services. Students will also explore the local community to increase cultural awareness and compare levels of health and wellbeing across different age groups.

For further information, please contact Lily Muthurajah on 6205 7381 or

* Eligible students

A Student participating in a VET Outbound Project and receiving a Short-term Grant must:

  • be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident
  • be enrolled at an eligible Australian RTO
  • be undertaking a course at the Applicant Institution at the commencement of the Project that leads to the award of one of the following VET qualifications: Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma (as defined under level 4, level 5, level 6 or level 8 of the AQF); and
  • must not have previously received a VET Outbound grant under a current or past VET Outbound program.