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Commercial Cookery Business Management Travel and Tourism

10 CERTIFICATE IV IN COMMERCIAL COOKERY, ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS, CERTIFICATE IV IN SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, DIPLOMA OF TRAVEL AND TOURISM, CERTIFICATE IV IN TOURISM students in post-apprenticeship studies will participate in the 'Wellington on a Plate' event. A culinary festival occurring between 10th and 26th of August with over 100 foodie events showcasing the best of industry and regional produce. These events will provide diverse and enriched opportunities to expand the students' culinary knowledge.


This international experience, with its culinary focus, will enable participants to create unique learning environments for their staff and colleagues. The sharing of newfound skills and knowledge with the next generation of culinary experts and budding entrepreneurs will provide valuable insights to those commencing, or thinking about a career in this service industry. The culinary industry and its suppliers operate in a fiercely competitive arena underpinned by skill shortages. Opportunities imparting additional skills, knowledge and networks increase the employability prospects and sustainability of these services. Participation in this program will increase student knowledge of ‘paddock to plate’ principles, sustainable growing practices and efficient supply chains.

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* Eligible students

A Student participating in a VET Outbound Project and receiving a Short-term Grant must:

  • be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident
  • be enrolled at an eligible Australian RTO
  • be undertaking a course at the Applicant Institution at the commencement of the Project that leads to the award of one of the following VET qualifications: Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma (as defined under level 4, level 5, level 6 or level 8 of the AQF); and
  • must not have previously received a VET Outbound grant under a current or past VET Outbound program.