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CIT Smart Start

Studying at CIT is exciting but it can also be quite a change from school and college; there is less follow-up from teachers so you are required to be more independent in managing your studies. You will need to prepare for classes by reading and regularly access learning resources, stay on track with assessments and be able to ask for assistance when needed. Most courses will require you to do a lot of work outside class times. Assessment tasks can vary, but may include quizzes, exams, skill demonstrations, presentations, individual or group assignments and projects. In addition to the usual challenges of adjusting to CIT study, it may be that you have a condition or situation which brings some extra difficulties, perhaps struggling with things like time management, organisation, sustaining attention, or managing emotions. Prepare for the transition to studying at CIT by accessing the tailored support available through the Smart Start program!

How could Smart Start help?

CIT Smart Start aims to help you become more comfortable with the change to studying at CIT. If you express an interest in Smart Start, you will be invited to:

  • Meet a Student Support Advisor to discuss your intention to study at CIT, discover if CIT is the right place for you, and identify what might assist you (you're welcome to bring along your parents, carer, or other support person to this meeting if you wish).
  • Special orientations to the campus, meet teaching staff and other students if possible, and be introduced to support services.
  • Develop a tailored support plan with the help of your Advisor.
  • Be connected with study and learning support options within CIT.
  • Have regular contact with your Advisor throughout your first semester, with support offered if you are having any issues.

The Smart Start Transition Support Team

CIT Smart Start Advisors are from CIT Student Support or other CIT support teams, according to what will work best for you. They will assist you to enrol in the most suitable course for you. They can also connect you with the kind of Study and Learning Support that will suit your needs, such as:

  • Drop-in tutorials, equity tutorials, online tutoring, peer tutoring, online learning and study skills resources.
  • Help to organise your study, and develop skills for managing assessment tasks.
  • Access to equipment and advice on the use of assistive technology, or reasonable adjustments to ways of approaching assessment.
  • Assisting you with general course information, recognition of prior learning, pathway planning and exploring career and employment options.
  • Assisting you with coping strategies for managing emotions, and;
  • Support for any stress or problem which may be affecting you.


Please talk to your college careers advisor, school psychologist or disability advisor, or contact CIT Student Support:

P: (02) 6207 3290

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