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Apprentice chef

The Pure Kitchen (La Cocina Pura ) we are restarant/ cafe need someone  who helps a chef prepare and cook dishes while learning the skills and techniques of the profession and some of the duties of an apprentice chef are:

  • Following chef instructions and recipes
  • Preparing and portioning food ingredients
  • Cooking food in a timely and hygienic manner
  • Cleaning and organizing the kitchen and equipment
  • Storing and managing food supplies
  • Informing and assisting wait staff and kitchen staff
  • Ensuring appealing plate presentation
Pure Kitchen Pty Lty ( La Cocina Pura )
Job Type:
Award rate dependent on year of apprenticeship
Closing Date:
12:00am 01 June 2024
Industry Area:
Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Contact Mario GONZALEZ on 0402 009 258 or email