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Cluster reservations agent

The world is full of eager travellers waiting to fulfil their dreams.

Sure, we help build the dream. But it’s our Cluster Reservations Agents that turn that daydreamed experience into reality. From a mere thought into a confirmed booking.

Which brings us to you.

You thrive on driving other people's excitement. It's what makes you tick and others smile. Like us, you love nothing more than ticking off bucket lists. Every day.

You're the definition of a people person. Curious, caring, interested and interesting, you effortlessly connect with people and groups from all walks of life.

You're inquisitive, not intrusive, and instinctively know the right questions to ask to better understand guests' needs. You make them feel right at home before they’ve even crossed our threshold.

Straight up! It’s the reason we get people returning time and again. You see, our hotels are all about connection however you cut it. Connection with place, people, and cutting-edge technology.

In a dynamic market (#FOMO #Forever!), it's the kind of edge that similarly turns external stakeholders’ heads – travel agents, event creatives and corporate planners – who connect with us, knowing their business is in safe hands. Thanks to you, no-one misses out.

So, if you wake up with a positive mindset and want to make a genuine difference on a vibrant, high-performing team, we've got one thing to say: Dream on and reserve your new career path today!  Please submit your applications via email to:

TFE Hotels
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Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Contact Bernardo Mateus on 0481 717 093 or email