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Behaviour Support Practitioner

As a Program Manager, you will be responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs and behavior intervention plans for children.

Program Managers will also be involved in the training and development of senior therapists to ensure the effective delivery of the program. This will involve overlapping with new therapists on each case until confident that the new therapist can work independently. Program Managers are responsible for responding to parent enquiries about the child’s program and depending on their availability, they may also conduct one on one therapy with a child prior to team meetings or in between team meetings.

Program Managers will take detailed notes at team meetings, including specific programs, instructions, behavioral interventions, new materials needed, and any parent training which may be recommended. You will be responsible for answering therapists’ questions and ensuring consistency across programs by reading notes and data and speaking with the team to address specific concerns. You will need to implement changes made at team meetings, which include adding new programs with specific instructions to the therapy team about how each program should proceed. Application procedures Please send an email with a cover letter and CV to expressing your interest in the position. For more information call +61 2 9648 4442

Aspire Early Intervention
AHF-21.01 Position Description (PDF File)
Job Type:
Full-time; Part-time
Closing Date:
5:00pm 30 March 2023
Industry Area:
Children's Education and Care

Contact Sumit Behl on 02 6253 1204 or email