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Skilled Capital

Skilled Capital

The ACT Government's Skilled Capital training initiative is aimed at improving access to high quality training in skills shortage areas.

The initiative will give eligible participants the opportunity to complete a nationally recognised qualification and receive a completion payment from the Education Department upon successful completion of their skilled capital qualification.

To find out more about Skilled Capital download the Skilled Capital brochure (PDF 1.1Mb).

National ID/Program Code Qualifications Cost/Delivery Mode Available Places
BSB20115/C2-BC33 Certificate II in Business A: $690.00, D: $690.00 45
FSK20113/C2-VO45 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways A: $150.00, D: $100.00, E: $100.00 5
FNS30315/C3-BC29 Certificate III in Accounts Administration D: $120.00 27
CHC32015/C3-HS08 Certificate III in Community Services D: $1,120.00 31
SIT30616/C3-TH38 Certificate III in Hospitality A: $1,450.00, D: $1,450.00 4
ICT30115/C3-BD11 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology A: $1,635.00, B: $1,635.00, D: $1,635.00 5
CHC43015/C4-HS14 Certificate IV in Ageing Support D: $400.00 2
CHC43215/C4-HS12 Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs D: $2,260.00 26
HLT43015/C4-HS17 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance D: $2,435.00 36
CPC40110/C4-BE22 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) D: $500.00 18
CPC40308/C4-BE45 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Estimating) D: $500.00 50
CHC42015/C4-HS08 Certificate IV in Community Services D: $2,180.00 24
CHC43115/C4-HS15 Certificate IV in Disability D: $300.00 25
SIT40416/C4-TH38 Certificate IV in Hospitality A: $1,585.00, D: $1,585.00 42
ICT40115/C4-IT06 Certificate IV in Information Technology A: $2,035.00, B: $2,035.00, D: $2,035.00 25
ICT40415/C4-IT06 Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking A: $2,260.00, D: $2,260.00 22
CHC43315/C4-HS13 Certificate IV in Mental Health D: $1,910.00 36
BSB42615/C4-BC09 Certificate IV in New Small Business A: $1,120.00 30
HLT46015/C4-HS23 Certificate IV in Population Health A: $2,280.00 29
ICT40515/C4-IT10 Certificate IV in Programming A: $1,835.00, B: $1,835.00, D: $1,835.00 27
CHC40413/C4-HC58 Certificate IV in Youth Work D: $300 2
CPC50210/DP-BE22 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) D: $500.00 35
CPC50308/DP-BE45 Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) A: $2,790.00 50
CHC52015/DP-HS08 Diploma of Community Services A: $500.00 24
ICT50115/DP-IT06 Diploma of Information Technology A: $2,195.00, B: $2,195.00, D: $2,195.00 27
ICT50415/DP-BD13 Diploma of Information Technology Networking A: $2,490.00, D: $2,490.00 27
HLT54115/DP-HS25 Diploma of Nursing D: $9,455.00 23
ICT50715/DP-BD12 Diploma of Software Development A: $1,741.00, B: $1,741.00, D: $1,741.00 26
CHCSS00092/SA-HS13 Alcohol and Other Drugs Co-existing Needs Skill Set D: $100.00 35
CHCSS00093/SA-HS12 Alcohol and Other Drugs Skill Set D: $100.00 38
CPCSS00001/SA-BD38 Lead a Building, Construction or Plumbing and Services Team D: $100.00 57
CHCSS00102/SA-HS11 Mental Health Co-existing Needs Skill Set D: $100.00 44
BSBSS00049/SA-BT11 Small Business Contracting Skill Set D: $100.00 60
BSBSS00050/SA-BT10 Small Business Financial Management Skill Set D: $100.00 55
BSBSS00054/SA-BT12 Small Business Marketing Skill Set D: $100.00 52
CHCSS00091/SA-HS14 Team Leader D: $100.00 23

Legend of Delivery Modes available

A - Fully off-the-job by RTO
B - Distance Learning and Remote e-learning by RTO
C - Fully on-the-job (other than distance learning resources) by RTO
D - Blend of training by RTO including user of distance learning resource
E - Employer guided workplace learning